Make use of your old metal hangers!

Do you have any old plain metal hangers that you no longer need? Why not make use of them?

Transform your hangers from plain old hangers to these handy unique shoe hangers by following these simple steps – will only work with plain metal hangers.

  1. Get your old plain hangers ready, along with a pair of pliers, some decorative ribbon and glue. You will need the pliers to cut through the metal.
  2. Cut your hangers at the bottom (exactly in the middle) with your pliers.
  3. Take each side of the hanger you have just cut and bend them upwards – as shown in the picture.
  4. Take your ribbon and wrap it round the top of the hanger, just underneath the hook (as shown in the picture). Make sure you use glue and allow the glue to dry before hanging your shoes on the hangers.
  5. Once you are satisfied with your new transformed hangers, you can put them to use. Gather up your shoes and start hanging them on your uniquely designed shoe hangers!

Why throw your hangers away when they can be used for many other useful things?

Get creative and make use of your old metal hangers!


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