5 benefits of hanging clothes out to dry

Now that the weather is improving we’re able to take advantage and hang our clothes to dry either outdoors or indoors (weather permitting)

Here we have 5 benefits of hanging your clothes out to dry -

1. Saves electricity – therefore saving you some pennies on bills

2. Eco Friendly – reducing your carbon footprint

3. Getting outside – as long as the weather is nice you can have a nice morning or afternoon in the garden

4. Less Ironing – your clothes are able to hang straight which calls for less ironing – saving time and electricity!

5. The fresh air – makes your clothes smell and feel great.

Take a look at our clothes drying products that will make your life a little easier and eco-friendly.

Radiator racks - drying wheelover door hookspegswooden dolly pegs


How to organise your children’s wardrobe

It’s a hard task to keep anything tidy and organised when you have children in the house. Especially in their bedrooms. However, keeping their wardrobes organised and tidy can be quite a simple task and one that the kids themselves can be involved in.

We have 5 products that help keep their spaces tidy, personalised, colourful and organised.

Kids plastic hangers - Children tend to have quite a large amount of clothes. Which means that the space you have needs to be utilised properly. By using thin but strong hangers you are able to keep the space for the clothes rather than the hangers. These rainbow themed plastic hangers are perfect to make any children’s wardrobe bright, personal and even colour coded!


Kids flocked hangers – For a more of a ‘grown up’ feel if you have slightly older children who manage their own wardrobe these blue and pink flocked hangers are perfect. They are thin, practical and are flocked to protect clothing and stop garments from falling from the hangers and ending up in a pile at the bottom.

Garment covers – Garment covers are self explanatory… but they are great for protecting expensive items and keeping dust and insects away from delicate clothes. Add some cedar wood balls and you have the ultimate combination for the protection of precious clothes.

Under the bed storage – Under bed storage boxes are extremely practical for storing clothing during the changing seasons, for toys or extra bedding. When storing clothes, linen and even toys you need to be careful of insects, moths and moisture. By storing cedar wood products with the items, you’re less likely to have a nasty surprise when you eventually want the items back out for use again. These products come in various sizes and colours to co ordinate with your child’s room and personality.

Hanging storage – As well as under the bed storage, hanging storage is great if you’re lacking space. These over the door hangers are perfect for storing shoes, accessories, toys and stationary; even cleaning products, kitchen items, bathroom products, anything you can think of storing in them in the rest of your home.


Keeping rooms organised helps keep them clean and tidy in the long term. Teaching children a simple value of organisation is beneficial for them as they get older.


All of the products listed are available on the Hangerworld website.

The Right Clothes Hangers

Not every person is aware that using the right clothes hangers can significantly increase the life span of your clothing and make sure it looks it’s best whilst hanging on you, and since the whole world has gone Oscars mad this week we decided to make this Oscars themed!

Lupita Nyong'oHere we have a delicate material that is light and flowing. This type of material can be misshapen and damaged quite easily, which is why the best type of hanger for these garments are padded hangers. They protect the shoulders and, because they’re curved, keep the shoulder shape.



The strapless dress is a tough one. More often than not the strapless dresses have hanger loops sewn inside the dress which allow you to hang the dress up. For this a strong hanger is needed, wooden hangers are perfect.


For suits it is very important that you have the right hanger. One that is strong, wide and broad. Suit hangers keep the shape of your jacket as if you were wearing it, which is important considering they’re in the wardrobe 80% of the time.

The hanger should be shoulder to shoulder in width, with broad shoulder supports and ideally a trouser bar for the matching pants.


This dress is a difficult one because the neck line is wide and there is slight padding in the shoulders. This also needs a strong hanger because not only is it floor length but there is a lot of extra material which will make the dress quite heavy. This calls for an extra wide hanger with extra support from a trouser bar and broad shoulders.

The Importance of a Quality Suit Hanger

It’s been a great few weeks for fashion, with New York and London fashion weeks and the Baftas. We’ve seen a great deal of tuxedos and suits and not just on the men… (We’re looking at you Angelina Jolie and Cara Delevingne) And let’s be honest, most men own a suit either for work or special occasions, so we feel that now is a good a time as any to spread the message of the importance of a good suit hanger for every gender. Because we care.



Due to the nature of our business we have acquired a passion for the importance of certain hangers for certain items of clothing. And considering the hangers are made for specific reasons we can’t see why having a good quality hanger is overlooked so often. Because the way you hang your clothes has such an impact on the shape and life span of them, and most of us like to invest money and creativity in to what we wear because they’re just as much an expression of our character as they are to keep us warm and dignified. Invest wisely. And it is an investment, because hangers last for a long time, they’re always in use and they save your clothes from losing their value. What more could you ask for in an every day product?

So what constitutes as a good quality suit hanger?


When it comes to suits and tuxedos, the hanger they’re stored on is very important. It needs to be sturdy, to hold the weight of the jacket and to make sure the shape of the shoulders and collar is kept in near enough the same condition as it would if it were on your shoulders. The hanger should replicate your shoulders – in width and strength. The width of the hanger should be from shoulder to shoulder, making sure it does not pass the point where the shoulder meets with the sleeve. This is especially important for those of us with broad shoulders.


Most suit hangers are produced with a trouser bar. Below is a diagram of the best way to hang your trousers. This saves misshaping and stops the trousers from falling from the bar.

How to correctly hang your trousers

 Don’t forget that your suits spend more time on their hangers than they do on your shoulders. So the importance of a sturdy, strong and high quality suit hanger really matters in the long run.

“Keep Calm and Hang On”

That’s just what our co-owners Jim Elliot and Jacqui Green did when they began selling hangers from their home six years ago!

Jacqui ran an ironing business and was left with masses of coat hangers and no idea of what to do with them. She decided to put them on eBay to “see what happens”. All the hangers sold and both Jacqui and Jim soon realised that there was a market for this type of business and even gave up their full time work to put all their efforts in to retailing the hangers.

Jim and Jacqui

Hangerworld Ltd now sells items to people all over the world through their website, eBay and Amazon. Amazon seem to have noticed all the hard work as they flew both Jim and Jacqui out to their headquarters in Seattle to attend their global seller’s conference to represent the whole of Europe! There they were able to discuss their success and gather new ideas from other businesses from around the world. This was an amazing opportunity for any business, but especially for one that has gone from being run from a garage to housing 40+staff in a 35,000 sq ft warehouse/office in just six years.

If you’d like to read more, just click the link below to the Blackpool Gazette article.



Processed, Picked and Packed

Have you ever wondered what it is we do here at Hangerworld once we receive your order? Well wonder no more because we’re letting you in to our ‘world’ to see how we do things.

  • Hangerworld LtdSo… once you’ve completed your order on our website it is sent to our customer service team who arrange the delivery of your order with our partner delivery companies.
  • Your order is then sent to our warehouse team who pick the items from our stock and pass on to our packing team.
  • Once with the packing team the items are wrapped and packed with care and attention placed on the nature of the product and the impact on the environment (we use recyclable packaging).
  • Your order is then shipped to you via our couriers (Royal Mail, DPD or Interlink) and everyone is happy.



We aim to dispatch all orders received before 1pm on the same day.

We offer the following delivery services to our customers:

Option 1

Free 3-5 working day delivery service – UK mainland customers only. (Sent via DPD or Royal Mail, depending on weight)

Option 2

1-2 day delivery service – UK mainland customers only. Additional charge £1.95. (Sent via Royal Mail First Class Post)

Option 3

Next day delivery service – UK mainland customers only. Additional charge £6.50. (Sent via DPD or Royal Mail Special Delivery)

We work with DPD to bring a 1 hour timed window service to customers, allowing us to guarantee delivery within a 1 hour window. On the day of delivery customers with orders delivered by DPD will receive a text message or email informing them of the time window the driver will be with them. This service also allows the customer to arrange a new delivery time and even a new delivery address if the one suggested is not suitable.

UK Highlands and Northern Ireland

Delivery charge will vary depending on the weight of your order. Items will normally be dispatched free with Royal Mail. For any orders between 2kg and 30kg there will be a delivery charge of £9.00 and will be sent via DPD.

EU Customers

We now ship to the following EU countries. Charges will apply.

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • Vatican City


We do not routinely ship outside of the EU, however we are able to make arrangements under certain circumstances. Please contact us if you require more help.


Household Tips for the Annual Spring Clean

Although the weather is still screaming winter, we’re all in the knowledge that spring is just around the corner. And we all know what spring means… Rain! So whilst the weather is slightly warmer but still as damp why not take the opportunity to have a household ‘spring clean’ (hence the name).

• Get the whole family involved. As long as the kids are old enough… help them to learn how to be organised and clean, but make it fun. Do one room at a time. You’ll find you’ll enjoy it once you finish a room and see how tidy and organised it is.

• De-clutter. Give away/sell/bin anything you don’t need or haven’t used and/or won’t use again. We’re all guilty of keeping things “just in case” but you’ll feel much better for it once you have more storage space and a bit of extra pocket money, if you decide to sell it. Start by clearing out the cupboards and wardrobes one by one, cleaning them down as you go. Make sure there’s no insects hiding in those wardrobes! Once cleaned maybe think of getting some cedar wood products to repel the pesky moths and insects that love your precious clothes.

• Save space and create harmony in your wardrobes, airing cupboards, kitchens and bathrooms with door storage hangers. They’re a cheap and simple way to gain that little bit of space back, they’re great for storing cleaning products away from children and even keeping snacks and kitchen utensils organised in the kitchen. You can be as inventive and creative with these as you wish.

• Utilise the space under your bed with boxes and vacuum pack space bags. Now, this is stating the obvious because most of us stuff things under the bed but even that space needs some organisation so we can find things easier and there’s no damage to any valuables. So placing things in boxes under the bed is safer, cleaner and gives us more space under there too! If you’re storing your clothes and accessories by season then you should consider vacuum pack space bags, they keep moths and dust away from your items and keep them smelling nice so you’re not having to do a months’ worth of washing in two days!

• Organise your important paperwork. Bills, dates for you and your family, receipts, important paperwork; like passports, birth certificates and bank statements. Start by putting all the ‘VIP’ (very important paperwork) in to a box or a file and store it in a safe place. DO NOT let this box become cluttered with unimportant paperwork. You need these items to be at hand.

• Don’t be afraid to colour code. Be it the kid’s lunches, cleaning products, paperwork, files, books, food… Anything! How do you think hotels and restaurants manage so well??

• Recycle – but organise your recycling! We all need to do our bit for the environment but we also need to do it properly. Make sure you have a box in your home for each bin you have outside. That makes it easier to transfer, with no mess and it looks nicer. • Stay on top of household chores, like ironing or washing. That way you’re less likely to leave clothes lying around the house.

• Have a box/drawer of ‘Useful items’ like screwdrivers, batteries, plasters matches and tape.

We hope this list helps you! If you have any additions, like us on Facebook and add a tip to our wall or follow us on Twitter and hashtag #householdtips

Holiday Packing Tips

You’re going on holiday? You lucky thing!

We have a few helpful tips and hints for successfully packing all your necessary items

  • Don’t forget your toothbrush!
  • Check the weather before you go and pack in accordance to this.
  • Don’t over pack – only take what you really, really need. Think about it logically, if you’re only panning on lounging by the pool all day you’re highly unlikely to be needing those bulky, heavy trainers. Not even ‘just in case’. If you need to walk anywhere pack some small pumps or flip-flops.
  • Save space in your suitcase with vacuum storage bags. They remove all the air from the bags using a standard household hoover so making extra room for all of your items and waterproofing them from any shampoo explosions.
  • Don’t forget your regular medicines, as well as painkillers, plasters and sun cream.
  • Don’t pack all of your toiletries. It can be cheaper to buy the necessities whilst away.
  • Aaaaaand finally… Clothes pegs! Yes, clothes pegs. They can be a handy item to take with you – In case the curtains don’t meet in your hotel room or for keeping important documents organised.

Wedding Dress Storage

This step by step guide will advise you on the best and most effective way for long term preservation.

What you’ll need – acid free paper and wedding dress storage boxes.

Some people choose to store their gowns in garment bags, which is absolutely fine. But this method runs the risk of misshape. You’ll also need to make sure you’re fully ready to pack it away, because this is a time-consuming and long-term storage solution.

  • First things first… Get the dress cleaned. There is absolutely no point in storing the dress if it is dirty. But you knew that already, didn’t you.


  • Fold the gown around itself, using the acid free paper to keep the sequins/lace/buttons from snagging the dress. Start with the sleeves, folding them in to the body. Then fold the dress in two (or three, depending on the size of the box), tucking any access skirt in. Try your best not to crease the dress, but this all depends on material and space, so fold it as loose as you can.


  • Place the folded dress in to the box and store in the darkest place you can – under the bed or in a cupboard. Somewhere dry and dark.


  • When you’re ready to remove the dress from the box just reverse the process and be careful not to snag it. As long as the dress wasn’t pack too tightly, it should look perfect – Like the day you wore it. Yey!

And there we have it. Wedding Dress Storage tips for the lucky ladies among us. 

Wedding Dress Hangers

Some people often overlook the need for quality hangers when planning their wedding, which is understandable. However, recently the addition of creatively decorated and personalised hangers for the wedding party outfits has become a popular trend.

We know it’s not the most important item to worry about when planning a wedding, but it is a unique addition and they protect the dresses and suits from misshape and damage. Some people have even spent time creatively decorating their own hangers for the wedding party. This new trend has intrigued us here at Hangerworld and we love seeing the creative ideas some of these brides and grooms have.


Padded hangers

Some brides have simply chosen the padded hanger. Elegant and vintage with a feminine touch to the regular hangers we all use. Some have added small details like a name tag or colourful bows. Or just simply left them as they are.

With personalised detail

With personalised detail


Wooden hangers Colourful Design

The wooden hanger seems to be the popular choice for wedding hanger, it is strong and sturdy and not too feminine for the male members of the wedding party. Some creative so-and-so’s have painted the hangers, some opting just to add small details like bows and trinkets and some have taken the time to hand write/paint the name of the hanger user on to it OR even shape the name of the person out of wire. The personalising option is a lovely touch and allows the user to keep it as a memory of the big day. We think that’s just cute.

Bride and Groom using wireWedding Hangers

Garment bags

As well as the wedding hanger, the wedding dress garment bags and suit covers sometimes get forgotten about until last-minute. These come in handy when transporting the dress and suits from place to place without any damage, and offer a permanent storage place unless you wish to use wedding storage boxes. Here at Hangerworld we also offer a personalised option for your garment bags, so you can be sure who’s suit or dress is who’s!!